Winx – what would $1 all-up on last 23 runs be worth ?

This is easy to calculate by using the E.P.I.  free data service.

Step 1 : click on WINX’s last run and then select the link to take you to ALL of WINX’s runs.

Step 2 : Click on the Export button and download ALL 33 runs. Save as an Excel file .

Step 3 : Open the Excel file and enter a couple of Excel formula to  calculate the ALL-UP return for a $1 bet using TABs and Bookies.
(to make the calc easy I firstly deleted WINX’s other 10 runs).
Click on this link if you want to download the Excel file >>> Winx_ all_up_bet_23_wins

The result ?
Using Bookie Odds the return was $43,933 compared with TAB NSW tote which was $10,520



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