Warning! Warning! Identity theft approaching!

This scam is one of identity theft and is very insidious. The scammer is attempting to find my ATO number, Driver’s License number, Medicare number plus other personal details. Please view pdf below.

 Subsidy benefit allocation email.pdf

I know a bit more about the source of the scam.

How do I know this ?

The reason I know this is that I subscribed to RaceRatings  punting services many years ago using my email address of I own the domain and have set up a “catch all” email server so whenever I subscribe to a new service (where I do not want my email address to be used by  future junk mailers / scammers ) I use their name as the prefix in my subscription email address. So for this subscription the email I used was

Note that I am in no way implying the scammers are RaceRatings punting services.  It could be that that their email service has been compromised and/or  their subscriber email list has been stolen. 

I have reported this scam to ACCC ScamWatch. But please be aware of any suspicious emails that require you to enter your personal details directly into a web form.


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