$32k bet AFTER the race had started ?

Yes it happened on Monday 19/7/2021 in the last race at Nowra. The horse was #12 Rebellious Miss. And whoever made the bet was lucky enough to collect.

The Facts :

  • Nowra Race 7 start time was 4:15 PM
  • The race jumped at 4:15:28 aka 28 secs past the scheduled start time.
  • On VIC TAB at 4:15:52 the divy changed from 5.20 to 1.80.
  • On NSW TAB at 4:15:52 the divy changed from 4.30 to 4.00
  • On QLD TAB at 4:15:52 the divy was steady at 4.50

The Maths:
To get a change from 5.20 to 1.80 required a new investment of around $32,000

PoolDivyNet InvestedGross Invested
 $  25,000.00 5.20 $            4,808  $                5,529
 $  59,000.00 1.80 $          32,778  $              37,694
New Investment : $              32,166


  • I am not suggesting that the big bet was placed after the race had finished.
  • But the bet was placed very close to when they jumped … if not after !
  • The most likely explanation was that the big bet was a betting bot malfunction
  • The losers were the small punters who bet a total of around $5,500 well before the jump
  • Every VIC TAB punters who backed the winner on the Tote would have been disappointed … unless they used the LOCK ***
  • Why would any serious punter use TABCorp when Corporate bookies give punters a much better deal on EVERY race
*** The LOCK ensures that your winning Tote bet will be settled at the best price between the Tote dividend and the TAB Fixed Odds starting price.

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